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Tailoring CRM Solutions to Empower Your Business

InfoPad’s tailored services in CRM development, support, and training have been the cornerstone of success for varied organisations. Our approach is not just to solve problems but to transform how you do business. For more details on how we can help you succeed, feel free to contact us.

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Jewish Care - Health & Social Care

Jewish Care, the largest provider of health and social care services for the Jewish community in the UK, faced challenges related to data consistency, staff efficiency, and effective service delivery. Through a robust implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 by InfoPad, they not only streamlined their administrative processes but also enriched their customer service experience. The end result was a revolutionary transformation that halved admin time, simplified KPI generation, and put the client at the heart of their operations.

UCEM - University

The University College of Estate Management (UCEM), a leading provider of supported online education for the Built Environment, partnered with InfoPad to optimise their CRM system for sales and marketing. The challenges included a lack of a concise sales approach and an organised marketing framework. InfoPad’s solution significantly boosted UCEM’s revenue, automated over 80 processes, and facilitated sophisticated lead generation and email targeting. The CRM system is now a cornerstone in building and nurturing global business relationships for UCEM.

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Sitekit - Health & Care

Specialising in digital transformation solutions in health and care, Sitekit encountered hurdles such as siloed business processes and a gap in skills across their team. InfoPad delivered a custom, role-based training course for Microsoft Dynamics 365 to bridge the skill gap and promote system adoption. The result was not just an educated and empowered workforce but also an organisation capable of streamlined admin processes, improved data quality, and increased internal self-sufficiency in managing and developing their CRM system.

ICAEW - Finance & Accountancy

In partnership with InfoPad, the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) successfully navigated the complexities of implementing Microsoft Dynamics CRM across their organisation. Faced with challenges like a tight 12-week training timeframe, remote training requirements due to COVID-19, and a highly customised CRM system, ICAEW turned to InfoPad for their proven expertise. Adopting a highly collaborative and customised approach, InfoPad crafted role-specific training modules and employed interactive virtual methods to foster effective knowledge retention. Their flexible scheduling and consultative approach minimised operational disruptions, ensuring a seamless transition for ICAEW and setting the stage for a successful CRM implementation.

Fittleworth Medical

Fittleworth Medical - Health & Care

InfoPad collaborated with Fittleworth Medical to address the unique challenges involved in migrating from a 20-year-old legacy system to Microsoft Dynamics CRM. With challenges ranging from initial staff resistance and a stringent 8-week timeframe to concurrent User Acceptance Testing (UAT), InfoPad’s bespoke, role-specific training programme proved invaluable. After an immersive week-long, on-site analysis of Fittleworth’s specific needs, InfoPad developed tailored training modules and provided dual streams of support to guide the organisation through both general usage and the UAT phase. The result was a smooth transition that met tight deadlines, with increased efficiency and a positive feedback loop confirming the effectiveness of InfoPad’s empathetic and expert approach.

Falmouth - University

Falmouth University, a renowned educational institution, collaborated with InfoPad to revolutionise their HubSpot CRM for enhanced event management and advisor assignment. Faced with challenges such as inefficient data integration and cumbersome manual processes, InfoPad’s bespoke solutions streamlined operations. Through direct Gecko-HubSpot integration and optimised contact assignment, the project led to significant improvements in operational efficiency, reporting capabilities, and CRM management, establishing a solid foundation for Falmouth’s ongoing CRM innovation and efficiency.

UEL - University

The University of East London partnered with InfoPad to enhance their CRM capabilities through the creation of a CRM Centre of Expertise. This initiative aimed to centralise CRM efforts, improving student engagement and operational efficiency. Facing challenges such as disparate CRM use and underutilised system features, InfoPad’s intervention streamlined processes, enhanced data management, and personalised student communication. The collaboration resulted in elevated student service delivery, increased engagement, and conversion rates, laying a foundation for a unified and effective CRM strategy across the university.

Bournemouth - University

Bournemouth University collaborated with InfoPad for a strategic overhaul of their CRM systems to address fragmentation and improve stakeholder engagement university-wide. Focusing initially on student recruitment, the partnership introduced a scalable CRM solution, streamlining processes and enhancing data management. This foundational move has significantly boosted operational efficiency, stakeholder communication, and data integrity, setting the stage for comprehensive CRM functionalities across the university, thus aligning with their long-term strategic goals.


Yellowcom - Telephony Provider

In a transformative partnership with Yellowcom, a telecommunications sector leader, Infopad embarked on a comprehensive overhaul of their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. The initiative tackled outdated Service Level Agreements (SLAs), streamlined cumbersome order and opportunity management processes, addressed data management issues, automated customer communications, and enhanced call management through integration with Microsoft Teams. This strategic CRM overhaul led to significant improvements in operational efficiency, customer engagement, and data management, showcasing Infopad’s expertise in delivering customised CRM solutions that cater to the unique needs and challenges of its clients.

Innovate to Success - Business Consultancy

Through this partnership, InfoPad demonstrated its commitment to delivering solutions that are not only effective in solving current issues but are also adaptable, ensuring that Innovate to Success is well-equipped to navigate future challenges. This bespoke CRM solution stands as a testament to InfoPad’s expertise in crafting specialised systems that align with their clients’ unique visions and operational requirements.

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