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University College of Estate Management (UCEM) is the premier provider of supported online education tailored for the Built Environment sector. The institution serves over 3,500 students across more than 100 countries, offering a variety of qualifications at postgraduate, undergraduate, and apprenticeship levels. Recognising the significance of employer-sponsored education, UCEM aims to build enduring business relationships both locally and globally. InfoPad’s Dynamics CRM has proven instrumental in facilitating, nurturing, and growing these vital connections.


The Solution

InfoPad customised Dynamics CRM to align with UCEM’s unique operational needs. The system automates over 80 business processes, streamlining administrative tasks and improving efficiency. Advanced lead generation and email targeting functionalities have been implemented, including integration with DotMailer for robust email marketing. A unified customer view allows all staff to access a comprehensive history of customer interactions, significantly aiding in relationship management and problem-solving.



“The Dynamics CRM system is vital in supporting our sales and marketing activity with businesses; I cannot imagine building the relationships we have and achieving the increases in revenue that we have seen without this CRM. With InfoPad, you get to speak directly to the consultants and developers who build your system and provide the training. Their technical expertise is clear; they are a pleasure to work with.”

Meryl Bonser, Director of Enterprise Business Development, UCEM