Fittleworth Medical

Case Study

Fittleworth Medical - Healthcare Products & Services

Dynamics 365 Training


Fittleworth Medical has been a leader in providing healthcare products and services for over 20 years. Faced with the challenging task of migrating from a legacy system to Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the organisation needed to tackle not only technical hurdles but also resistance to change from within. InfoPad joined forces with Fittleworth Medical to implement a bespoke, role-specific training programme focused on ensuring a smooth transition while enhancing user capabilities.


The Solution

InfoPad partnered with Fittleworth Medical for an immersive week-long, on-site understanding of their unique business processes and user behaviour. This allowed for the development of a comprehensive user training programme, further tailored to specific roles within the organisation. Our training modules were backed by customised scripts designed to directly address user concerns and resistance.

Two streams of support were provided: one for general users and another to offer guidance during the concurrent UAT phase, tapping into our Microsoft Dynamics experience whenever Fittleworth’s Developer Partner was unavailable.



InfoPad’s collaborative approach aligned seamlessly with Fittleworth Medical’s objectives, transforming a potentially daunting process into a harmonious transition. The experience has exemplified InfoPad’s commitment to delivering value, transparency, and skill transference, all while meeting the time-sensitive needs of our client.