Bournemouth University

Case Study

Bournemouth - University

Dynamics CRM


Bournemouth University sought to centralise its CRM systems across various stakeholder groups, aiming for a cohesive strategy to enhance engagement and streamline processes. Recognising the fragmented approach and the pressing need for a scalable, university-wide solution, they engaged InfoPad to procure and implement a comprehensive CRM platform focusing initially on student recruitment.


The Solution

InfoPad proposed a scalable CRM solution tailored to the university’s broad requirements, focusing first on core functionalities for student recruitment. This solution included procuring a suitable CRM platform, integrating it with existing systems, and providing essential training and support to ensure widespread adoption and optimisation of the new system.



Bournemouth University couldn’t overstate the strategic importance of this CRM implementation, highlighting improved operational efficiencies, better stakeholder engagement, and enhanced data management. This foundational phase has set the stage for extended CRM functionalities across other university sectors, aligning with broader institutional objectives.