Case Study

Yellowcom - Telephony Provider

Dynamics 365


In a strategic partnership, Infopad embarked on a transformative journey with Yellowcom, a renowned player in the telecommunications sector, to overhaul their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. Yellowcom sought to revamp their CRM processes to enhance operational efficiency, customer engagement, and data management. This case study delves into the challenges Yellowcom faced, the solutions Infopad implemented, and the remarkable outcomes of this collaboration.


The Solution

Infopad embarked on a transformative CRM project with Yellowcom, a leading telecommunications provider, leveraging deep expertise in CRM consultancy and business analysis to address key challenges and optimize customer relationship management.

Through these strategic enhancements, Infopad not only addressed the immediate challenges faced by Yellowcom but also laid the groundwork for a more efficient, customer-centric CRM system. This project highlights Infopad’s capability to drive significant improvements in CRM strategies, leveraging advanced consultancy skills and business analysis expertise to deliver transformative results.

Here’s an in-depth look at the strategic enhancements Infopad implemented:



Infopad’s strategic CRM overhaul has significantly enhanced Yellowcom’s operational efficiency and customer engagement. The introduction of a new SLA framework, streamlined order processes, improved data management, automated communications, and integrated call management systems have collectively transformed Yellowcom’s CRM capabilities. These enhancements have not only addressed immediate challenges but also laid a robust foundation for sustained growth and innovation in customer relationship management.