Case Study

Falmouth - University

Hubspot + Gecko


Falmouth University, aiming to enhance their HubSpot CRM setup, collaborated with InfoPad to optimise their system’s efficiency and effectiveness. As a respected educational institution, they sought to streamline event management and advisor assignment processes within HubSpot. They needed InfoPad’s expertise for custom development solutions to optimise their CRM operations due to challenges with their existing HubSpot setup.


The Solution

InfoPad developed a bespoke integration between Gecko and HubSpot, which automatically synchronised event attendance data, eliminating the need for manual entry and reducing system complexity. Additionally, InfoPad implemented a custom object functionality within HubSpot, simplifying the advisor assignment process. This allowed for dynamic and efficient matching of contacts to course advisors, significantly cutting down the time and effort previously required. These technical solutions directly addressed Falmouth University’s specific challenges, significantly enhancing their CRM’s operational efficiency and data management capabilities.



Falmouth University expressed great satisfaction with InfoPad’s custom solutions, highlighting the significant improvements in CRM efficiency and operational workflows. The collaborative effort not only addressed specific challenges but also set a foundation for ongoing innovation and enhancement within their HubSpot ecosystem.