University of East London

Case Study

UEL - University

Dynamics Centre of Expertise


The University of East London (UEL) embarked on creating a CRM Centre of Expertise to enhance student experiences by consolidating CRM efforts across various departments. The initiative aimed to provide exceptional customer service at all key touchpoints of the student journey, addressing the need for integrated and aligned CRM strategies to improve communication, service delivery, and overall engagement.


The Solution

InfoPad worked with UEL to establish a CRM Centre of Expertise, focusing on data management, unlocking existing CRM functionalities, and embedding CRM practices across the university. This approach aimed to improve data quality, streamline communication processes, and enhance the student journey from prospect to alumni, leveraging Microsoft Dynamics’ capabilities for real-time marketing and personalised engagement.



The partnership with InfoPad led to significant advancements in UEL’s CRM capabilities, marking a pivotal step in transforming student experiences through tailored communication and service delivery. The CRM Centre of Expertise now serves as a foundational element in UEL’s strategy to foster a connected and supportive educational environment.