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Dynamics 365 Training


Sitekit is a trailblazer in digital transformation solutions geared towards health and social care sectors. The company is redefining how health and social care are delivered in the UK by constructing cutting-edge digital ecosystems. Recognising the need for effective training in Microsoft Dynamics 365, Sitekit aimed not only to enhance its team’s functional skills but also to build a sustainable in-house training capability. InfoPad collaborated closely with Sitekit to create a tailored, role-specific training programme aimed at boosting user confidence and competence, thereby maximising the return on their Microsoft Dynamics 365 investment.


The Solution

InfoPad partnered with Sitekit to deliver a two-day customised training course for ten of its users. Prior to the training, a comprehensive Training Needs Analysis was conducted with Sitekit’s IT and Management teams to gain an understanding of the unique Dynamics customisations and training requirements. Two different training streams were established: one for Users and another for Administrators. Separate modules were developed for each stream, allowing for role-specific training that increased relevance and engagement.



Through tailored training and active collaboration, InfoPad empowered Sitekit to not only fill skill gaps but also to foster an environment conducive to ongoing internal CRM management and development. The result has been a more efficient, collaborative, and effective organisation.