Case Study

ICAEW - Finance & Accountancy

Dynamics 365 Training


The Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW) is an esteemed professional body that has shaped the field of accountancy since 1880. With over 150,000 chartered accountants under its umbrella, ICAEW is instrumental in setting benchmarks and driving excellence. Acknowledging the need for operational enhancement, ICAEW initiated a Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation. They partnered with InfoPad to address unique training challenges, intensified by the complexities introduced by the COVID-19 pandemic.


The Solution

In addressing the unique challenges associated with ICAEW’s Microsoft Dynamics CRM implementation, InfoPad engaged in a highly collaborative approach to craft a customized training plan that mirrored the CRM system’s specific features. The solution was structured around several pivotal elements:

Firstly, InfoPad committed to an extensive deep dive into the customizations unique to ICAEW’s CRM system. This involved collaborating closely with key stakeholders and internal training units to gain a comprehensive understanding of the platform’s specific functionalities and departmental needs. Such in-depth knowledge enabled InfoPad to tailor training modules that were directly aligned with the individual needs of various departments within ICAEW.

Secondly, InfoPad adopted a consultative approach in designing its training modules. By taking into account both the specific roles and the day-to-day responsibilities of ICAEW’s staff, InfoPad was able to produce training content that was not only role-specific but also empathetically attuned to the staff’s everyday workload.

Thirdly, recognizing the limitations and opportunities presented by remote training due to the COVID-19 pandemic, InfoPad employed interactive virtual training methods. The company prioritized user engagement and cognitive ease, leveraging cutting-edge instructional techniques to foster effective knowledge retention.

Lastly, demonstrating remarkable flexibility—a hallmark of InfoPad’s service offerings—the company adapted seamlessly to ICAEW’s evolving scheduling needs. This adaptability ensured minimal interruption to ICAEW’s mission-critical operations, facilitating a smooth transition process.

Through this tailored and flexible approach, InfoPad succeeded in delivering a seamless and effective training experience, laying a strong foundation for ICAEW’s successful CRM system implementation.



“I must commend Infopad for the support and remarkable professionalism throughout a challenging and lengthy transition of Microsoft Dynamics. The transition to Microsoft Dynamics was a significant undertaking for our organisation and we had high expectations for the support we would receive. Infopad not only met but exceeded these expectations at every turn. They not only possessed an in-depth knowledge of Microsoft Dynamics but they tailored their approach to our specific needs by gaining an insight to our internal teams and building relationships.

The dedication, expertise and professionalism made this challenging process considerably more manageable and we are now reaping the benefits of our upgraded system.”

Julie Goodway - IT Service Delivery Manager, ICAEW