Transitioning to Real-Time Marketing


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Course Overview

This comprehensive training course is designed for marketing professionals looking to transition from traditional outbound marketing tactics to the dynamic, engaging world of real-time marketing (RTM) within Microsoft Dynamics 365. Through a blend of theoretical concepts, hands-on workshops, and interactive discussions, participants will learn how to leverage real-time marketing tools and techniques to drive more personalised and immediate customer engagements.

Who Should Attend

Marketing professionals, CRM managers, and digital marketing specialists looking to upgrade their skills in Dynamics 365 Real-Time Marketing. This course is ideal for those seeking to enhance customer engagement through immediate, personalised marketing strategies.



Basic knowledge of Dynamics 365 CRM and marketing principles

Course Content

Introduction and Real-Time Marketing Fundamentals

  • Welcome and Introduction
  • Overview of Real-Time Marketing Concepts
  • Importance of Transitioning from Outbound to Real-Time Marketing
  • Benefits and opportunities in Real-Time engagement


Key Differences: Outbound vs. Real-Time Marketing

  • Comparison of Forms, Segments, Journeys, and Triggers
  • Understanding the shift towards Dynamic and Personalised approaches
  • Case study/examples


Real-Time Marketing Tools and Techniques

  • Introduction to Real-Time Marketing Tools and Functionality
  • Dynamic Forms: Personalisation and Immediate Responses
  • Dynamic Segmentation: Targeting Based on Real-Time Data
  • Adaptive Customer Journeys: Responding to Individual Interactions
  • Trigger-Based Automation: Real-Time Responses to Customer Behaviour


Workshop: Adapting Outbound Marketing Tactics to Real-Time Context

  • Group Discussion: Identifying Opportunities for Dynamic Engagement
  • Hands-on Exercise: Mapping Out Real-Time Customer Journeys
  • Q&A Session


Applying Real-Time Marketing Strategies

  • Leveraging Data for timely and relevant Interactions
  • Personalisation in Real-Time context
  • Automation and response time optimisation


Preview of Upcoming Features e.g., Consent Centre

  • Introduction to Consent Management in RTM
  • Understanding the role of consent centre in compliance and personalisation
  • Workshop: Transitioning Forms, Segments, and Journeys
  • Exercise: Updating existing forms for RTM engagement
  • Group discussion: Adapting segmentation strategies for Real-Time context
  • Interactive Session: Mapping out RTM customer journeys
  • Q&A


Open Forum for Questions and Clarifications

  • Guidance on further resources and next steps for transitioning

The course will be run in small groups of up to 6. This will enable all participants the opportunity to interact and ask questions.




£890 +VAT

Delivery Method

Online Training

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